Flooring industry experts offer some insight into their experiences with a flooring company and how it helps them to achieve their desired flooring goals.

Maintaining a standard of excellence in terms of client’s flooring needs is what defines Polyflor SA, a company who, after more than 20 years in the vinyl flooring industry, has undoubtedly established a well-earned reputation for being one of the leaders in their field. This has been achieved through their continuous commitment to service excellence that goes beyond merely trying to sell a product.

“We offer our clients an experience that stretches beyond just buying or selecting a floor,” explains Tandy Coleman-Spolander, Marketing and Sales Support Manager at Polyflor. “Polyflor is seen as a trusted flooring advisor, and we take this responsibility very seriously. Our clients rely on us to make sure their vision becomes a reality as we guide and partner with them every step of the way.”

This sentiment was confirmed by Eben van Rouendal of Van Rouendal Architects. “There are so many complexities in flooring – especially when selecting a specialist floor that needs to fulfil various purposes – that you need a flooring partner who is an expert in all the intricacies and who you know has your best interests at heart,” he highlights. “We rely on Polyflor to advise us every step of the way and navigate us through the entire flooring project. Thanks to them, we are able to avoid unnecessary and costly mistakes and create projects that are timeless, beautiful and functional.”

He goes on to explain that Polyflor is not just another flooring supplier for them, but have set themselves apart by their commitment to premium service to ensure that a quality solution is delivered to match both the clients’ and architects’ expectations.

“Polyflor has set themselves apart through their unhesitating commitment to premium service, aimed at ensuring that a quality product is delivered to match both the clients and architects’ expectations” confirms Bryan Brinkman of b4 Architects.

“Their technical know-how also ensures a smooth and successful installation. We know we are in good hands with Polyflor”.