Evolving with trends: Innovation and meeting client needs is key to sustainability

by Madelein
Evolving with trends: Innovation and meeting client needs is key to sustainability

Floor Tech is a specialist flooring solutions provider, specialising in coatings, coverings and concrete for the industrial and commercial markets. Donovan and Wesley Blom, a brother duo started the company in September 2015 in Gauteng and have recently expanded into the Western Cape Province. Being relatively new in the flooring market, we spoke to Wesley about how they plan to future-proof their business.

“A company can only be forward thinking if the entire organisation adopts a forward-thinking culture – this can’t be driven by one manager or business leader alone. We focus on hiring the right people who not only have the right skillsets, but can also see the bigger, holistic picture of what we want to achieve. This allows us to be more focused and intentional in meeting our goals,” says Wesley.

Floor Tech is heavily focused on ensuring the sustainability of their business by encouraging collaboration, creating solid career paths for their staff and adopting new technologies.

“We have the right people in place to help our business grow and to build a legacy. A lot of what we do is focused on collaboration, not just within our company but also with other stakeholders in the industry like clients and suppliers,” explains Wesley.

The company’s culture is driven by its values, which are based on three pillars: quality, service and price. These values drive all of the company’s strategies and client interactions, culminating into what we call the “Floor Tech Experience”.

“Floor Tech clients know that they are getting a high quality flooring solution at a great price and that it’s backed up by amazing service. This gives our client more value, as we go far beyond a simple business transaction,” says Wesley.

Some of the risks that companies in the flooring industry need to plan for include the very low entry to market.

“Anyone with a bit of capital and know-how can enter the local flooring market, which makes it more important than ever to differentiate yourself. Flooring companies need to focus on adding value to the market and making sure they are sustainable by evolving with trends, innovations and client needs. Blackberry and Kodak are great examples of companies that were industry giants, but failed to evolve with changing client needs and the industry,” says Wesley.

“Business doesn’t happen in a silo. It’s a very dynamic environment and the design and construction sectors are forever changing. Staying up to date with trends and being the driving force behind value-adding innovations is what will set us apart in the long run,” concludes Wesley.

For more information, contact Floor Tech on +27 (83) 788 0496 or via https://www.ftfs.co.za/. Facebook / Instagram / LinkedIn

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