Evaluating 21 years of insulation solutions

by Darren
Evaluating 21 years

IsoBoard is celebrating 21 years of proven thermal insulation.

As IsoBoard is entering its 21st year of local manufacturing, the company is planning to revisit many of its original IsoBoard installations and independently verify that the product has indeed performed as intended. The company will share these case studies sampled from the broad spectrum of IsoBoard building envelope applications and market segments.

Over the years, IsoBoard has invested vast sums of money and time in developing and verifying installation methodology for the appropriate application of its thermal insulation boards, and IsoBoard has proven its worth as a thermal insulator. From documented performance in actual fire situations, real cost savings and productivity gains in commerce, industry and agriculture, to providing comfort in homes, IsoBoard continues to live up to its promises.

All its popular installation methods are certified through the South African Board of Agre’ment, and the company regularly revisits each of these in search of further improvement.

The introduction of the energy usage limitations required by section XA of the National Building Regulations SANS 10400 has provided further demonstration of IsoBoard’s value as thermal insulation, primarily by demonstrating the benefits of the rational design solution to compliance with XA, as well as highlighting the value of wall and floor insulation to controlling heat flow and reducing energy usage.

Thank you
“We at IsoBoard sincerely thank all the building professionals, installers and customers for their ongoing support since 1995,” says general manager, Conrad Smith.

“We are grateful for the faith and encouragement received along this successful journey, which inspired IsoBoard to prove and improve. We are humbled that nearly every square metre installed is still successfully limiting heat transfer, and will continue to do so for the life of each building.

“The key words to describe IsoBoard insulation have to be thermal performance, reliability, versatility and above all durability. The IsoBoard thermal insulation installed 20 and more years ago is still delivering heat-flow control to specification. This is what we mean when we claim IsoBoard provides a whole new season.”

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