Main image: Lift and slide double glazing sliding panels in Serengeti Golf Estate

For the past decade, Advance Fenestration has been at the forefront of designing, manufacturing and supplying world-class door and window solutions for new-build and renovation projects. They specialise in the designing and manufacturing of bespoke architectural aluminium fenestration.

Manufactured locally to save time and cost

European systems are extensive and offer great options well suited to local conditions. They are versatile, dynamic, large and have excellent thermal properties.

Advance Fenestration’s aluminium systems are designed in Europe according to demanding architectural specifications and manufactured in South Africa for superior results. They have manufacturing locations in Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal with a new facility opening soon in the Western Cape, and have an extensive stockholding of components, mechanisms, and aluminium profiles.. This means they can manufacture in less time, with high architectural standards and cutting-edge style.

Aluminium frame ranges

Advance Fenestration offers a wide range of products and has three additional ranges:

  1. Frameless: A contemporary look and feel with improved views, allowing in more light, and a streamlined design. Frameless elements are customised for any project and allow for a faster installation process. Ranging from frameless stacking and sliding systems to balustrades and showers.
  2. Standard: Meeting the requirements of residential and commercial construction projects. These are locally made with sustainably sourced aluminium.
  3. Affordable: Offering valued large-scale construction projects, with multiple configurations to meet the affordable and bulk supply construction sector.

Benefits of European glazing systems for architects and developers

They offer products for high-end residential applications, as well as frameless shower and balustrade options. Due to the high-grade aluminium they are using, they have windows and door frames that can support wider and taller panels. Sliding doors up to 3.8 meters high, 1.8 meters x 3 meters single hinge doors and tilt panels in sliding panels that allow airflow while still being able to use a sliding door panel actively. All accompanied by internationally recognised and accredited QUALICOAT powder coating.

The European Systems Range has manufacturer’s warranties from world-class suppliers, giving you peace of mind.

QUALICOAT is the leading global quality standard for lacquering painting and coating on aluminium alloys for architectural applications.

Client offering:

  • Full service – from quoting and design to all the other aspects.
  • Covers every price point from entry level to high-end.
  • Manufacturing.
  • Installation.
  • A successful sign-off.
  • Backed by technical expertise.
  • Exceptional aftersales service.
  • 10 years of experience.

Why choose Advance Fenestration?
– Superb quality.
– Outstanding aesthetics.
– Exceptional security.

World-class aluminium systems

Advance Fenestration’s aluminium systems are designed in Europe and manufactured in South Africa for superior results in less time, with high architectural standards and cutting-edge style.

They assure you of:

Customisable – any style, any colour.
Internally glazed with a multi-lock system.
Uniform ironmongery.
Systems accommodate double glazing thickness from 18cm to 34mm.
Lasting quality and unbeatable warranties.
Sliding Doors up to 350Kg per panel, Hinge Doors up to 170Kg per leaf.
Sliding Doors up to 3.8 meters high, Hinge Doors up to 3 meters high.

For more information, contact Advance Fenestration:
Tel: +27 11 791 1925 / + 27 32 947 0009

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