Essentials of creating fire compartments and passive protection

by Ofentse Sefolo
Essentials of creating fire compartments and passive protection

Fire’s destructive force is undeniable and finding ways to keep buildings and their occupants safe from its spread as well as containment, should be an essential focus of modern-day construction and design.

Den Braven’s internationally rated Fire Protect® is one way in which buildings can be safeguarded from fires. The Fire Protect® range, which is available as a silicone, acrylic or hybrid sealant as well as expansion foam, is applied to joints and gaps such as window frames, doors, cornices and linear joints to form a protective barrier in case of a fire.

The range of Fire Protect® products create compartments and passive fire protection, which is essential for fire containment, and of vital importance to enable safe evacuation and for the arrival of emergency services to bring a blaze under control. Fire resistance is the time, expressed in minutes, in which a burning compartment can successfully fulfil its role and thus contribute in preventing the fire from spreading.

Click here to download the complete Technical Bulletin: https://www.denbraven.com/en/knowledge-base/zwaluw-fire-protect/

Fire-safe projects
The Pearl of Umhlanga in KwaZulu-Natal, Castle Rock Apartments in Cape Town, Balwin Properties Crystal Lagoon Resort and The Blyde in Pretoria are a few of the high-profile projects that researched this concept, and have used the Den Braven Fire Protect® range during construction and the finishing phases.

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