Essential products to complete hospital project

by Darren
Essential products


The seven-phase, multi-million rand upgrade of the Cecilia Makiwane Hospital, in Mdantsane, East London, will include a brand new 46 500m² double-storey main hospital building, a nursing college, a new 150-bed step-down facility, a 100-bed psychiatric unit and an upgrade of the current hospital into a 350-bed facility.

The Department of Health awarded the project through its implementing agent, the Coega Development Corporation, to contracting company Stefanutti Stocks CMH JV, architects The Hospital Design Group  and consulting engineers, UWP.

Due to the size of the project, large quantities of products are being supplied by Chryso Southern Africa and its sister company, a.b.e Construction Chemicals.

“The size and intensity of the project has led to a.b.e visiting the site on a weekly basis,” says Gareth Catherine, a technical sales consultant for a.b.e. Construction Chemicals in the Eastern Cape.

For concrete solutions, Stefanutti Stocks opted for a.b.e’s bitumen emulsion, brixeal, to waterproof barriers and cure the concrete. The enhancement of cement screeds bonding and concrete surface renderings are being achieved with plaster-grip, which blends synthetic polymers and additives.

The synthetic resin polymer, dura.latex, further improves the qualities of site-batched cementitious mortars and slurries, and durarep successfully stops water seepage.

The project’s concrete supplier, Concrete 4U, has also been relying on Chryso SA’s admixtures.

“Admixture helps to maintain the project’s workability while placing the concrete, reduces the water content of the mix, minimising shrinkage, and improves the rheology of the concrete,” says Patrick Flannigan, commercial sales manager for Chryso SA in the Eastern Cape.

An important component for the project’s concrete mixture is the new generation plasticiser, ChrysoPlast Omega 135, which compensates for the indifferent quality of aggregates available in the area.

To minimise segregation in pre-mixed mortars, an air-entraining admixture, ChrysoAir 7, is being used successfully. To further complete the concrete setting, retarders such as ChrysoStab 2 is used on mortar applications, and ChrysoTard CE, which delays the setting time of the concrete. ChrysoCure Acrylic further expedites the concrete curing process.

“The concrete stripper, Barracuda, which is an eco-friendly alternative to hydrochloric acid, helps clean the concrete moulds and shutters. Barracuda is a non-corrosive stripper that can dissolve almost 15% more concrete than hydrochloric acid. It can also be used to clean stains and efflorescence on bricks, and is completely safe,” Flannigan concludes.

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