Equitone state-of-the-art façade materials

by Darren
Equitone facade materials MARLEY

Equitone fibre-cement facade materials boast hi-spec physical and aesthetic properties. It is locally supplied by Marley Building Systems.

Equitone is eco-friendly, non-combustible (A2 EUROclass) and has a life expectancy exceeding 50 years, even in the most demanding exterior applications.

Equitone quick facts:
•    Made from fibre cement.
•    Each panel is unique.
•    Ultrathin.
•    Lightweight.
•    Comes in large-format sheets.
•    Non-combustible.
•    Life expectancy of more than 50 years.
•    Eco-friendly.
•    Design versatility.

A range of options
The various Equitone products vary in colour, finish and physical properties, affording design versatility to create facades previously only imagined.

•    Equitone Linea is a 3D-shaped, through-coloured facade material that plays with light and shadow.
•    Equitone Natura is a natural through-coloured, high-density material with a clearly visible yet subtle fibre-cement matrix. It has a matt, silk-smooth surface finish.
•    Building on Equitone Natura, Equitone Natura Pro comes with an additional anti-scratch and anti-graffiti pre-coating.
•    Equitone Tectiva is an original through-coloured material with a highly expressive fibre-cement structure, resulting in a rough, unpolished surface with a delicate touch. The production process makes each panel unique in colour, texture and surface.
•    Equitone Pictura offers a selection of contemporary colour coatings. The panel is smooth and has an ultra-matt finish, which creates a high-class architectural look. It is treated with the anti-graffiti Equitone “PRO” ultraviolet (UV) coating.
•    Equitone Textura combines vivid colour, texture and toughness in one fully compressed fibre-cement cladding panel that is highly scratch-resistant. The finishing is highly glazed, granular and acrylic, reminding of orange peel.
•    Interior Equitone Glasal is mainly used in interior applications such as operation rooms, partitions and more. It is protected against a wide range of chemicals with the Equitone “PRO” UV coating.

Marley Building Systems is committed to establish an environmentally-friendly value chain, including its employees, suppliers and partners, and environmental product declarations showing the environmental footprint of the materials is available on request. In addition to this, we also offer trained sub-contracting teams to install our products to specifying architects, the services includes engineering services and shop drawings for approval

Marley Building Systems
Tel: 011 316 2121
Website: www.europanels.net

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