Epoxy terrazzo flooring for commercial facilities

by Ofentse Sefolo
Epoxy terrazzo flooring for commercial facilities

Commercial floors are subjected to the inevitable scuffs, scratches and stains of interiors traversed by large numbers of people on a daily basis. These venues need to choose building materials that will consistently present a clean and appealing environment. In order to specify the right floor, one must consider the issues the floor will have to withstand, the long-term budget as well as the functionality and aesthetics that are required.

Epoxy terrazzo flooring has become a popular choice among interior designers and architects of commercial sites as it provides a reliable, easy to clean surface with the design potential to create dazzling works of art underfoot. Mondéco, Flowcrete South Africa’s seamless resin terrazzo range is highly versatile, can be installed in a variety of complex patterns and it combines luxurious aesthetics with hardwearing and hygienic properties.

The complicated patterns are achieved by marking out precision cut forms using metal trim on the floor in a matrix that designates each area of the design. The Mondéco material is then applied into the blocks in a paint-by-numbers style and ground to reveal a smooth and colourful finish. This application technique offers unlimited scope for creativity and means that architects can design entirely unique floor areas.

The way that a Mondéco floor glitters and shines can be creatively adapted using different decorative aggregates. Mondéco can incorporate a variety of light reflective additives, such as clear crystal, glass, mother of pearl and metal to create a shimmering lustre across the floor’s surface.

Commercial facilities have embraced Mondéco for its ability to fashion floors that reflect the location’s identity and interior design scheme. As one of the largest surfaces within a building, the floor offers an unparalleled opportunity to reinforce an image with logos, company colours and on-brand designs. Creative floors are a great way to inject the atmosphere with energy and colour – which in turn leads to a better customer experience.

Bespoke flooring at Spar’s new Secunda store

The seamless resin terrazzo system, Mondéco Earth, can be found in Spar’s new store in Secunda. This solution was used to create a multi-coloured surface where the floor reflected the site’s different zones. A total of 2 800m2 of Mondéco Earth was supplied in a wide range of attractive and complementary colours, including Snow, Pebble, Moonstone, Sea Green, Spring Green and Coral. The colours and patterns reflected specific parts of the store, for example, a lush green was used for the flower stand and the sushi bar’s seating area was bordered with a rich red band.

The seamless and impervious nature of seamless resin terrazzo means that it is quick and easy to clean, minimising hassle for the site’s cleaning staff and ensuring that customers always appreciate a hygienic and blemish-free floor area.

Epoxy terrazzo provides multiple other practical benefits. It can, for example, be applied in thinner layers than cementitious terrazzo, which is a weight saving advantage – especially within developments such as large shopping centres or office blocks. Epoxy terrazzo’s high tensile strength also significantly reduces the chance of cracks appearing in the floor’s surface, which would compromise both the aesthetics and cleanability of the floor.

During the flooring specification process for a commercial facility, it is important to understand the issues that the floor will face as well as the required visuals in order to ensure that the finish will provide an aesthetically appealing surface for an extended period of time while delivering the necessary functionality.

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