Polyflor SA believes that the flooring choice has a huge impact on the performance and overall experience of a place of learning. When the Modular Lecturing Space & Assessment Centre at the University of the Free State was envisaged, it was a space to engage with the changing academic environment that required a specialist flooring solution.

Multi-functional spaces

Designed by The Roodt Partnership and GXY Architects from Bloemfontein, the multi-functional spaces within the centre allow for large- and small-scale lectures or group work. Accommodating 980 students, the largest room can be converted into five acoustically separate venues. Polyflor supplied specialist sound-reducing vinyl flooring for the project to help create an environment conducive to learning.

Aesthetic appeal

Polyflor’s Silentflor (PUR) was selected for the centre and installed in blocks of three colours, namely Jet, Zinc and Onyx. The blocks of colour help to define different areas within the space and direct the flow of students through the facility. Walk-off mats were included in the layout to help protect the floor and keep it clean.

Walk-off mats were recessed into the vinyl flooring seamlessly.

Acoustic performance for multiple facilities

Aesthetics are paired with performance, as Polyflor’s range of acoustic vinyl flooring reduces the levels of impact noise within residential, commercial, healthcare and educational facilities. This range of products is especially well suited to large spaces, reducing echoes and creating ambience.

Available in a suite of modern colours and designs, Silentflor PUR meets the demands of this busy university space. The product is robust and delivers impact sound reduction levels of 19dB.

Environmentally sensitive and low maintenance

Silentflor PUR supports a low-maintenance cleaning regime that is both environmentally friendly and cost effective. The collection corresponds to the emission class A+ for volatile organic compounds (VOC), the highest classification achievable, and the VOC emissions measured are below quantifiable levels when tested to AgBB.

Polyflor SA provides both contemporary and classic flooring options for all school and educational buildings and structures. For a robust acoustic flooring solution, speak to a Polyflor consultant today.

Issue: A large, modular university lecture facility needed a robust, acoustic flooring solution.
Solution: Silentflor polyurethane reinforcement (PUR) delivers impact sound reduction levels of 19dB, reducing echoes and creating ambience.

For more information, contact Polyflor SA:
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