Environmentally friendly insulation backed by seven decades

by Tania Wannenburg
Environmentally friendly insulation backed by seven decades ISOVER

Isover’s glasswool and expanded polystyrene insulation solutions are environmentally friendly and energy saving.

Glasswool is one of the most widely used, environmentally friendly, stable and sustainable insulation materials available today, according to Saint-Gobian Isover, a division of Saint-Gobain Construction Products South Africa. It is made from a combination of naturally occurring silica sand, fluxing agents and up to 80% recycled glass.

“Our Glasswool range provides excellent thermal and acoustic insulation solutions that improve the energy efficiency of buildings,” says Lisa Reynolds, sustainable development director at Saint-Gobain Construction Products.

“Glasswool has a zero ozone depleting potential (ODP), and no CFCs or HCFCs are produced in the production process. Glasswool can also be compressed by a factor of up to ten, which saves on storage and reduces transport costs,” she adds.

The EPS alternative
Expanded polystyrene (EPS) is another choice of lightweight, high compressive strength and water-resistant insulation solutions for use in industrial, commercial and domestic applications.

The Sagex EPS range is manufactured by Isover South Africa’s Foams Division, using a pentane blowing agent which ensures that the product is CFC- and HCFC-free. Sagex EPS is also recyclable.

A 70-year track-record
“Used for more than 70 years, Isover products have proven themselves as popular, ecological and safe to use insulation materials that are probably amongst the most well documented and tested building materials in the world,” Reynolds points out.

In 2008, Isover South Africa upgraded its production facilities, installing the TEL fiberizing technology which has improved the quality and performance of the fibres produced there. Glasswool ULTIMATE and EPS are manufactured according to ISO 9001 Quality Management System standards, and Isover’s Springs plant achieved ISO 14001 certification in 2012.

“We warranty the performance of Isover’s Glasswool and Sagex EPS insulation products according to the figures stated in our data sheets over their useful lifespan. A proviso is that they are installed according to our installation guidelines. They will save more than 100 times the energy consumed and CO2 emitted in their manufacture, transport and disposal.”

For more information, visit Isover’s website or download the Isover app from the major app stores.

Tel: 012 657 2800
Website: www.isover.co.za

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