Main image: Woodflex – a finisher and sealer on woodwork

An important aspect of the longevity of a flooring project is a correctly sealed joint as it should be able to absorb movement between building materials. Den Braven Woodflex is an elastic sealant, ideal for use on parquet, cork, laminate, bamboo, wooden flooring and skirtings.

Solvent-free, multi-purpose sealant

Woodflex is an environmentally-friendly solvent-free sealant used to seal and fill gaps, cracks and joints where some movement capability (up to 8%) is required. To match many different types of wood, Woodflex is available in four colours: oak, meranti, pine, and imbuia.   

It can be used as a finisher and sealer on woodwork, for filling holes from countersunk screws or nails, in and around built-in cupboards, kitchen units and any other woodwork projects.

Woodflex has excellent adhesion properties, is fast drying and can be sanded once fully cured. If the colour selected is not a match, it can be painted with water-based and synthetic paints.

Den Braven Woodflex is packaged in transparent cartridges, making matching and colour identification very simple. The cartridges are recyclable in line with Den Braven’s environmental objectives.

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