Entrance matting specialist completes an office installation, which serves to keep the building clean and withstand heavy traffic.

Custom-fitted entrance matting that also boasts unrivalled functionality is aptly embodied in Group Five Building’s new Head Office in Waterfall Business Estate. Tasked with ensuring that the foyers of their new building remain clean, was Matco, South Africa’s leading manufacturer and producer of entrance matting.

This collaboration with Group Five has been successfully completed, and the end-result encapsulates Matco’s passion for servicing its clients by ensuring product and project satisfaction and excellence at all times. Entrance matting saves on cleaning costs due to the superiority of the exclusive Trio Scraper entrance mats fitted by Matco.

Trio Scraper has a thickness of 13 mm and is available in three colours, namely Anthracite, Brown and Grey. It is comprised of 100% polypropylene coarse fibre needle punch alternated with polyamide brush and drying strips. It can be used for interior and exterior covered facility entrances in a recessed mat well or a loose-lay with PVC edging. It is suggested that it be vacuumed regularly, especially when installed in high traffic areas.

Matco prides itself on being innovative and responsive, while continuing to serve the industry and build on its solid reputation that was formulated with its inception in 1984. Furthermore, they pride themselves on understanding how crucial it is to maintain the quality of its service to remain a leading supplier of mats and matting.