Ensure the right aluminium fenestration products are installed

by Darren
Ensure the right aluminium

Wispeco Aluminium launched a new web platform to give architects peace of mind about the fenestration products that they supply.


When design professionals specify products, who follows up to ensure that the products they specified are the ones that eventually get supplied and installed on a building project? It’s impossible to check up on every detail of a commercial building project, which is why Wispeco Aluminium launched a new web platform that takes care of the job for you.

Crealco-FPD (Fenestration Performance Declaration) is an easy-to-use website that enables registered aluminium window and door fabricators to list their products. A uniquely numbered, traceable declaration is then generated in order to trace the design, fabrication and installation of specific windows and doors in buildings.

Software to help mechanical design and thermal insulation
Additional software solutions from Wispeco include Starfront for aluminium window manufacturers. Starfront is aimed at mechanical design, estimating and fabrication. Another software solution for architects, called U-Solve, assists with thermal and structural efficiency. With energy-efficiency legislation requiring design professionals to improve the efficiency of their buildings, this software is set to lead the way in terms of assisting architects to comply with these laws.

These software platforms are a one-stop solution for aluminium fenestration manufacturers to deliver a relevant performance declaration to the architect, which allows an architect to confidently issue a certificate of compliance (CoC) for products installed within a specific project.

What is the FPD?
The FPD is a document from the fenestration product manufacturer whose products have been specified for a certain project. The designer, manufacturer as well as the installer of the product all contribute to this composite document so that each party declares their respective contributions in terms of design, manufacturing and installation.

The document is based on tests and certificates issued by the South African Fenestration and Insulation Energy Rating Association (SAFIERA), the Aluminium Manufacturers of South Africa (AAMSA), as well as Wispeco’s manufacturing and installation guidelines.

When fenestration product manufacturers register an account, the document will be generated on the basis of Wispeco’s Agremént certified Starfront and SAFIERA endorsed U-Solve design software.

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Website: www.crealco-fpd.co.za


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