Enhancing concrete performance with lithium technology

by Madelein
Enhancing concrete performance with lithium technology

Technical Finishes has partnered with Convergent Group SA in an exclusive alliance where Technical Finishes becomes the exclusive distributor of the Pentra-Sil product ranges. Convergent SA specialises in chemical concrete treatments and the extensive range includes high-performance lithium densifiers which provide optimal hardening to improve abrasion resistance, reduce dusting and seal the concrete surface.

Stain treatments are also available which offer a more durable and abrasion-resistant, light reflective coloured substrate for dull floors. The Pentra Guard treatments are also on offer, the high-performance materials rapidly cure into a durable finish for facilities that require maximum protection and little to no down time. Convergent SA use Nano Lithium based technology, which amplifies the benefits of lithium silicate to create stronger, more durable concrete that lasts.

There are many features and benefits of the various products on offer:
• Increases abrasion resistance
• Fast drying
• Durable
• Reduces maintenance and costly repairs
• Penetrates – no film to lift or peel off
• Prolongs finish of polished surfaces
• Resists stains and dusting, making concrete and facilities easier to maintain
• VOC compliant and may contribute to LEED points (IEQ credit)

These floor care solutions are cost effective whilst providing the costumer with a high-performance application that can be used in industrial manufacturing plants, warehouse storage facilities, retail shopping centres, parking garages, stadia, hospitals, schools and office buildings to name a few. Wherever there is a floor that needs long-term protection against heavy wear and abuse, moisture, dirt and grime build-up, the Pentra-Sil products offer great flexibility in design, with treatments for any new or old flooring project.

Local project
Technical Finishes recently completed a project in Sandton with the Pentra-Protective Stain and Pentra Guard HP products. The client required a deep rich-coloured stain that would provide a durable and abrasion resistant floor. The final sealer, Pentra Guard sealer provided an attractive clear glossy protective coat which created a stronger, more impenetrable finish and dust proof floor that is easy to maintain and resistant to water and stains. The product was chosen because it could meet the requirements as well as offer light reflective properties for the environment.

“Pentra-Sil Protective stain ticked all the boxes and was the perfect solution for this project. Technical Finishes is environmentally conscious and this product offers VOC compliance, which fits into our flooring-for-the-future vision,” comments Yvette Watters, Sales Director at Technical Finishes.

For more information, contact Technical Finishes on Tel: +27 (11) 822 7242 or via www.technicalfinishes.com.

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