Endless design options with ready ceiling profiles

by Ofentse Sefolo
Endless design options with ready ceiling profiles

Capco ceilings and partitions can transform any space, turning bland and boring into exceptional and beautiful. The intricacy in design and the fine attention to detail have ensured that ceilings now take on a life of their own.

Modern foyer ceiling design combined with L.E.D light troughs can turn an entryway into a runway, a kitchen into a gourmet chef’s station and a living room into a home theatre.


Capco’s signature offering

No longer is the installation of a ceiling purely to conceal the services and provide a platform for the insulation. With Capco’s Sigma L.E.D integrated ceiling profiles it is an opportunity to enhance and even embellish the home or office environment. With endless design possibilities, the Capco Sigma range of solutions is endless.

Capco’s L.E.D light troughs allow you to install various lighting designs within a slim, continuous, single profile. Ceilings never looked so modern and clean.

Integrated into flush-plastered ceilings, these brilliantly designed aluminium profiles of architectural luminaires are just as comfortable illuminating a contemporary office corridor as it is highlighting your bathroom mirror at home.

These light troughs have a versatile range of uses, from creating eye-catching beams of integrated light to providing subtle, medium or low-level featured lighting. Capco’s indirect, recessed and radiused L.E.D light troughs give your project that highly desirable seamless finish that is popular with lighting designers, interior designers and architects. These luminaires also give you the ability to create either a modern minimalist effect or a real design statement.

Architects and interior designers are encouraged to try these profiles and partitions for themselves and discover their ability to enhance the look and feel of any room, be it big or small, residential or commercial.


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