Empowering communities through social investment

by Darren
Ceramic Industries empowering communities Jnl 3 16

Empowering employees and investing in local communities, Ceramic Industries hopes to make a positive difference.

Ceramic Industries’ commitment to education and skills development, both within the group and in the local surrounding communities, forms the foundation of its corporate social responsibility philosophy.

They recently launched a new social investment programme that provides a portable skills qualification in tiling to 30 people from mining communities around the group’s quarries.

The selected group of students, which began training in February 2016, includes eight women and two candidates with disabilities. The students will graduate with an NQF level 3 portable skills qualification at the end of the one-month programme. They receive a qualification that opens up a range of employment opportunities.

Furthermore, through the provision of funds and facilities, the group also supports two local schools that serve the mining communities in which Ceramic Industries operates, one in Sebokeng, Eatonside, and the other in Soshanguve.

Growing talent and developing skills and expertise within the group has always been a focus for Ceramic Industries. The company’s policy of creating quality jobs and filling the positions with trainee artisans from local communities serves to empower those communities by providing permanent employment opportunities.

There are currently more than 10 former operators have qualified and been promoted to mill wrights, and 26 others in training, all from local communities and permanently employed by Ceramic Industries.

Through empowering its employees and investing in its local communities, Ceramic Industries strives to become an agent of change, making a difference to the lives of those who work for the group and live in the surrounding areas.

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