PPC continues to create a better life for its employees by empowering them to be proud homeowners.


PPC Ltd has embarked on an employee housing support programme aimed to assist more than 300 of its employees, mainly semi – skilled and who do not qualify for either a state-funded RDP house or for a bank loan, who signed up for this programme,  improve their living conditions over the next three to four years.. Thus far, the programme has, to date, turned four of the cement company’s employees into proud home owners since its launch in March 2014.

The programme supports one of PPC’s strategic pillars – to be a responsible corporate – and it will not only see PPC supply the means to acquire decent housing to its employees, but also give them training and the technological know-how to successfully transact for their new homes and maintain them, all of which can be quite overwhelming for first time home owners.

The first beneficiary, Edward Ringani, is a recent PPCretiree  after more than 35 years of unbroken service. Edward who spent much of his working life living in a shack, could not have received a better retirement send off than when he was handed over his newly built house at his ancestral home of Mmapela, Mokopane in Limpopo.
“I would like to thank Ketso Gordhan (PPC CEO) for helping me and my family to finally become home owners. I have been working for PPC for many years and it has been a great experience,” said an excited Edward.

Solly Nkuna, a PPC Hercules’s factory employee for the last five years, is the second beneficiary of the PPC housing programme. Nkuna, moved into his new home he will share with his wife and child in Soshanguve East, north of Pretoria in April 2014. The new house is also much closer than where he previously stayed and will reduce his travelling time and expense.

“I’m feeling great, I feel overjoyed because I have put a lot of effort into making sure that my family will have a nest. When I go to work every day I will know that they are safe in our home and I won’t have to worry about their safety anymore,” said Nkuna.

His was followed by handovers for Ravian van Wyk and Delmaine Adams, both from the Western Cape.

Van Wyk, who lives in Piketberg, has been working for PPC for over 23 years and has a family of three which he has to provide for. “I would like to take this opportunity to thank PPC for the support they have given me to finally have a home of my own. I believe in PPC and have been working for them for many years. It is a great company to work for,” he says.

Adams has been with the cement supplier for the last six years and lives in Goedverwacht with his family of four. “This is amazing for me and my family. Over the last couple of years PPC has shown itself to be a great employer. My family will be safe now for many years to come and PPC is showing me how to make sound financial decisions,” stated Adams.

The idea for the housing programme originated last year when Ketso Gordhan, PPC’s chief executive officer, initiated an employee engagement process with employees throughout the country to understand what was keeping them awake at night, and what could act as a hindrance to making PPC a great place to work. It was during these engagements that some employees communicated their lack of decent and affordable houses as a priority.

The establishment of the programme was also another way for PPC to take the lead in becoming a responsible corporate citizen.

“The PPC housing programme empowers employees to make informed financial choices and successfully manage their newly acquired homeowners’ status,” says Yogesh Narsing, PPC’s executive for special projects.

“Our employees will find the land they want to build the house on, apply for a bond and a government subsidy, and put up some of their own savings for their new homes. PPC, in turn, will do everything in their power to make sure the deal is possible and affordable for the beneficiaries,” says Narsing.

“I believe that a family home is the first step towards creating an asset base, which we all know can lead to long-term wealth creation,” he concluded.

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