In the realm of interior design, where trends come and go, there are timeless classics that stand the test of time. Douglas Jones, the South African trendsetter and leader in mosaic and tile décor products, believes that Punkah, a remarkable collection, is one such example.  

 Crafted with a keen eye on the present, these fan-shaped tiles not only pay homage to ancient aesthetics but also seamlessly blend into the contemporary world of polished natural stone fashion. 

 On trend 


Punkah is available in trending shades of jade through to classic Carrara white.

 Offering the latest trends from across Europe, Douglas Jones describes Punkah as elevating the aesthetics of a living space with a touch of the 6th century BC. The collection exudes a sense of sophistication that is difficult to match. Its versatility is a true testament to its exceptional design, making it suitable for both wet and dry areas.  

Statement collection 

The collection is available in eleven natural stone shades, including distinctive two-tone options. This adaptability ensures a touch of elegance and grace in every corner of a living space. 

What truly sets Punkah apart, is its ability to make a statement in any area. Whether transforming a bathroom into a spa-like retreat or creating a luxurious ambiance in a living room, Punkah is the perfect choice. Its timeless appeal ensures that it will remain a focal point in the space for years to come. 

Experience more of the remarkable Punkah range and discover how it can enhance the home’s interior with Douglas Jones. 


Two-tone options bring an added level of elegance to the Punkah collection.

Punkah: Bringing natural stone mosaics in the 6th century BC style to the local market. 

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Tel: +27 21 706 7251 



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