Embracing new beginnings

by Tania Wannenburg
Tumi Dlamini Jnl 3 15

After three years of dedicated service, Master Builders South Africa Executive Director embraces new beginnings abroad.

After completion of her three-year contractual term as Executive Director of Master Builders South Africa (MBSA), Tumi Dlamini will shortly be departing for the USA where she has enrolled at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government to study for a Master’s degree in Public Administration.

In a notice to stakeholders, MBSA President Neil Cloete highlighted how Tumi has played a significant role in raising the profile of MBSA and Women in Construction since taking over the reins on 1 March 2012. Neil continues by adding that Tumi opened dialogue with Government and other public institutions, implemented transformation initiatives, and generally delivered on the strategy of MBSA to ensure that it remained the “Leading Body in the Building Industry”.

Neil advises MBSA stakeholders that MBSA Operations Director Pierre Fourie will, until the appointment of a new Executive Director, manage the affairs of the organisation. “Pierre has 25 years’ experience with MBSA and is well placed to manage the affairs of the organisation during the transition period,” he adds.

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