Entrance matting is one of the first things a visitor sees upon entering a building. Not only does it have to be aesthetically pleasing, it also has to minimise the dirt and moisture that comes into a building. Instead of the rubber-type products that are usually used, advise your client to invest in an elegant looking matting system.

Matco Super Scraper entrance matting is suitable for internal and sheltered external entrances and the recessed collection zone collects dirt without bringing it into the building. The matting scrapes off coarse material through its polyamide tufted fibres which stand upright to give a brushing effect. Polyamide’s memory ensures that fibres always remain upright even through heavy traffic. To clean the matting, simply use a vacuum cleaner when the mat is dry or a high pressure hose when the mat is wet.

The product is effortless to install, lightweight and can simply be cut to size with a Stanley knife. It is the ideal choice for loose laying with PVC edging or in a mat well. Small perforations in the matting enable water drainage and the raised node backing aids removal of water, ensuring its anti-slip function.

Using Super Scraper matting for external entrances can save your indoor entrance matting a large amount of work, which in turn reduces the amount of maintenance required.

For more information, contact Matco on Tel: +27 (11) 452 7961 or via www.matting.co.za.