Main image: Hôtel Restaurant Maison Tiegezh, Photo credit: Atypix Thibaut Priou

Maison Tiegezh integrates a gourmet restaurant, a bistro-crêperie, and now a beautiful hotel with six contemporary and cosy rooms. With its elegant and refined interior, this establishment promises to be a privileged stopover for those wishing to discover the attractions of Brittany.

Interior design and urban furniture

The charm of the building and décor was retained, but with a modern flair. Photo credit: Atypix Thibaut Priou

For interior design, Baptiste Denieul and his wife Marion were accompanied by the designer Marlyse Le Hir, who first started in the field of fashion before turning to interior design and urban furniture. The couple wanted to retain the charm of the building while bringing in some modern touches.

Le Hir designed welcoming, eco-friendly spaces that take particular care of the well-being of travellers passing near the Brocéliande Forest. The idea was to create an elegant, comfortable establishment with a cosy atmosphere where you can feel at home. Marlyse Le Hir curated soft and warm materials that evoke the world of textiles. She turned to powdery and feminine tones to soften the character of the raw materials of the building.

Carpet with underfoot comfort and acoustic qualities

Welcoming and eco-friendly spaces

Carpets were chosen for their underfoot comfort and acoustic qualities. The textile flooring and patterns mimic mosses and lichens. The designer focussed on pronounced patterns inspired by handmade textiles and so highly patterned products from the World Woven collection were chosen. This collection is a tribute to artisanal tailoring and works particularly well with vintage-inspired furniture (velvet, bronze, patinated leather, brass, non-woven wallpaper, etc.). Patterns, colours and materials were combined in a daring way to showcase the uniqueness of each of the rooms.

The final decor is a chic and elegant patchwork with woven design. Photo credit: Jérôme Ganiovecchiolino

Catering areas

This brasserie space was made with carpet “waste” from the hotel installation phase. Photo credit: Jérôme Ganiovecchiolino

The catering areas were carpeted to maintain a cosy feeling of warmth and comfort. This brasserie space was made with carpet “waste” from the hotel installation phase. The reuse of waste echoes the practice of the chef and bistronomy: no waste, with leftovers being a material of choice for creativity.

The final decor is a chic and elegant patchwork with woven design that resonates with the hotel spaces and rooms. All products used for this project are carbon neutral and The World Woven collection uses 100% recycled nylon yarn.

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