Eight luxury vinyl floor trends for 2021

by Ofentse Sefolo
Eight luxury vinyl floor trends for 2021

Luxury vinyl flooring is durable, tough, and easy to clean, combining superior performance with sophisticated beauty. It is no wonder that luxury vinyl is trending again this year.

The many new designs and innovations indicate that the popularity of this versatile flooring is growing. Do you think a vinyl option might be right for you?

Join us as we explore some of the hottest flooring trends in 2021 for luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and luxury vinyl plank (LVP). We will give you a sense of the possibilities, including mixed-width tiles, light colours, and faux stone textures.


Luxury Vinyl Tiles form part of the fastest-growing category in flooring. LVT is a luxury vinyl product that mimics the look of wood, stone, or ceramic tile complete with natural colours and a surface texture that feels like the real product.

LVTs are known for their warmth and comfort underfoot, are extremely durable and can be installed practically anywhere in both residential and commercial settings.

When entering a space, we immediately notice what surrounds us; our eyes are drawn to what is innovate, fresh and new, whilst simply recognising what is familiar. Often, we do not focus on specific interior finishes such as flooring.

However, when utilised in an environment which allows integration of the whole interior scheme, such spaces can be augmented by use of the architecture, colour, and interaction with light.

The latest LVT trends combine the beauty of natural wood or hard stone flooring with the high performance of luxury vinyl tile.


Trend #1: Large format tiles
Large tiles instantly create an illusion of space, making them perfect for smaller homes or apartments. Choose shades of white or other light hues to get the maximum effect. Since space (or at least, the appearance of space) will always be at a premium, this is one flooring trend that will never go out of style.

Trend #2: Mixed width tiles
Hate uniform, mass-produced looking styles? Then mixed-width tiles are the perfect trend for you. These tiles incorporate a range of different shapes and sizes, making the space feel more personal while drawing your eye around the room. Mixed width planks are also available, giving you a broader range of mixed-width options to choose from.

Trend #3: Stone-look LVT
A contemporary response which reflects the beauty of both man-made and naturally sourced compounds, exploring shade and light, stone effects embody depth and texture alongside bold slate variations. The clean and contemporary stone designs offer a wide scope of finishes and are ideally suited to enhance large scale commercial interiors.

Stone floors have a timeless appeal, expressing elegance, class, and luxury. However, real stone can be costly, especially rare varieties that must be imported or shipped long distances. Luxury vinyl tile masterfully imitates the look of stone without the additional cost. Not only is LVT typically more affordable than natural stone, but it is also warmer and softer underfoot, offering superior comfort.

Trend #4: Waterproof vinyl tile
Do you live near the beach, or are your kids always in and out of the pool? Are you redoing your bathroom, where steam and moisture are a constant battle? Maybe you have a messy dog who loves to dribble and drool on the floor. If so, waterproof vinyl tiles are for you.

Trend #5: Abstract
Developed to appeal to one’s imagination, abstract design introduces creative and graphic designs created using both illustrative and photographic techniques. Strong innovation and individuality reign, whilst retaining focus on practicality and interior longevity within commercial environments.


Trend #1: Wide planks
Go big! Big is making a statement in 2021, with wide planks seeing a major resurgence. Much like their cousin the large format tile, wide planks create an illusion of space making them ideal for small rooms and urban apartments.

If an airier, more open feel is the goal – but you are not ready to start knocking down walls just yet – consider wide luxury vinyl planks for the kitchen, bathroom, or dining room.


Trend # 2 Hardwood
Hardwood never goes out of style, but sometimes it can exceed your budget. Wood-look LVP offers a tasteful solution. Premium designs, delicately depicting the natural charm of authentic timber, a carefully selected palette imparts both tonal and surface texture variation, simultaneously reflecting the true individualism of each design and aims to heighten the relationship between the users and their space.

Trend #3: Light colours
Pale, creamy colours are expected to make a comeback this decade. Stay ahead of the colour curve by choosing light and breezy shades such as blonde, white or honey for your LVP flooring.

Expertly curated using authentic reproductions of natural materials, elegantly combining contemporary and decorative designs including innovative metallic and graphic design effects, the latest LVT trends will help shape the atmosphere of a room or commercial environment to give the user a feeling of recognition and comfort.



1. Acclimatising of products.
• There can be large variations in temperatures from day to night and in different regions across South Africa. It is for this reason that we recommend that LVTs be acclimatised on site for at least 24-hours prior to installation.
• The stability of the product can be severely compromised if it is transported in a hot vehicle and immediately installed in a cooler environment.

2. Pre-cutting the LVT tiles.
Before the adhesive is applied, the tiles should be pre- or “dry cut” and fitted. The tile should be placed with factory edge against factory edge of the field and not the cut edge. When installing plank designs, the set out should allow for the cuts at each end to be at least 150mm to prevent cuts that are tough to adhere.

3. Dry and level screeds.
• Ensure you have conducted a probe moisture test to determine if you need a moisture barrier.
• Do not think twice about calling in the experts at this stage to help you assess your screed and advise on steps to mitigate any risks you may foresee.
• The parameters of a Class 1 screed apply: It is critical that the screed is dry, smooth, level, sound and hard.

4. Check for arrows on the back of the tile.
If there are arrows on the back of your LVT tiles, it is advisable to lay every alternate tile with the arrow facing to 12 o’clock and the other tile with the arrow facing to 3 o’clock. This pattern should be maintained throughout the installation to avoid creating light and dark patches.

5. Use a roller after installation.
A heavy (68kg) roller should be used to roll over the LVTs in both directions after they have been laid. Trims or cuts should be hand rolled with a suitable hand roller after installation to achieve the same adhesive transfer.

6. Prevent repeat designs.
Repeat designs can be prevented by mixing tiles from different boxes. This ensures that there is an adequate pattern variation among the tiles. The planks should also be laid in a random bond pattern to create a natural-looking effect unless you are planning a herringbone or basket pattern.

Aspecta by Traviata

7. Use a recommended adhesive.
Be sure to use an adhesive recommended by the LVT manufacturer. Apply the adhesive in small areas so that the LVTs can easily be installed before the adhesive grab has worn off.

Be sure to talk to your LVT supplier to ensure the best possible installation.

Acknowledgement and thanks are given to www.floorworx.co.za, www.gerflor.co.za, www.polyflor.co.za and www.traviata.co.za for some of the information contained in this article.

Main image: Polyflor

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