Rigifoam LAMBDABOARD® was selected to be incorporated into Terraco’s EIFS system, and together the two companies are reducing energy costs and the carbon footprint of buildings on the environment.

Rigifoam, a leading manufacturer of high-quality polyurethane products in South Africa, teamed up with Terraco, a global producer of environmentally friendly finishing materials, to practically demonstrate how to effectively insulate an exterior wall, coupled with a beautiful finish.

Terraco Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems (EIFS) systems use thermal insulation to regulate temperature fluctuations inside buildings, thereby reducing energy costs as well as the building’s impact on the environment.

Since 1980, Terraco with its Swedish heritage has been at the forefront of providing innovative green solutions to the construction industry by means of the Terraco EIFS systems. Together with Rigifoam, the finishing company is now introducing the Terraco EIFS, which uses Rigifoam’s LAMBDABOARD® insulation board, to the South African construction industry.

An aesthetically flexible system
Terraco EIFS, also referred to as ETICS in the industry, combines continuous exterior insulation with flexible design aesthetics to ensure indoor comfort and improve energy efficiency in a single high-quality wall system, using a sophisticated decorative finish.

Rigifoam’s Polyisocyanurate (PIR) insulation board was selected to be incorporated into the Terraco EIFS system because of its excellent insulation properties and flexible facing possibilities.

The PIR-cored insulation uses a hydrocarbon-based blowing agent which has zero ozone depletion potential (ODP) and complies with the Kyoto Protocol regarding global warming potential (GWP). Rigifoam LAMBDABOARD®  insulation is an ideal solution when looking for HCFC- and HFC-free insulation.

Success proven
At a recent on-site installation training session, the successful use of the Terraco EIFS system, incorporating the Rigifoam LAMBDABOARD®, was demonstrated on a west-facing exterior wall.

Once the substrate was prepared, Terraco Styrofix adhesive was applied to Rigifoam’s LAMBDABOARD®, which was then installed onto the wall using mechanical fasteners. Once set, a coat of Terraco Styrobond basecoat was applied and while still wet, the Terraco EIFS mesh was embedded.

The following day, a second coat of Terraco Styrobond basecoat was applied and allowed to cure. Thereafter, the substrate was primed and a coat of Terraco Terracoat Granule, a decorative finish, was applied.

The result is a much more comfortable interior that requires less mechanical heating and cooling, and a stunning, revamped wall finish.
Track-record and certification
Terraco EIFS has for many years been used in both hot and cold climates – from the scorching heat of the Arabian Peninsula to the freezing Siberian plains of Russia. From private residences to hospitals, schools, hotels, airports and office buildings, Terraco EIFS has been assisting to reduce buildings’ carbon footprint on the world.

Terraco EIFS systems also carry international certification: EOTA (EU), BBA (British), FED (US Army), Ireland, Russia, Romania, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), China and Korea. For more information, visit www.terraco-EIFS.com or www.terraco.co.za.

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