The roof is one of a house’s most important features – not only from an aesthetic point of view, but it also needs to be safe and durable while offering protection from the elements.

Unfortunately, planning the waterproofing on a project is often one of the most neglected areas. Coupled with a lack of knowledge by unaccredited installers, it could result in unnecessary costs and maintenance for the consumer.

“This is why education and long-term planning are key elements for successful waterproofing,” says Lola Verlaque, owner of Polymers Waterproofing Supplies. According to her, another important consideration is the fact that one can prolong the lifespan of concrete as well as paint and plasterwork with proper waterproofing.

In the past, flat concrete roofs posed massive challenges and sleepless nights for architects. However, since the introduction of liquid polyurethane waterproofing, which creates a seamless surface, with UV stability, past issues of maintenance which is often neglected that causes laps and joints on bitumen membranes to lift and open which causes water ingress are a thing of the past.

In terms of cost-saving, Verlaque suggests that while using liquid polyurethane may seem more expensive initially, the benefits offer long-term savings compared to traditional torch on membranes.

Other problems are inferior or non-certified products, coupled with dubious contractors who do not guarantee their work, leaving the consumer vulnerable and without any recourse. The best advice is to make use of professional installers who offer maintenance-free systems which have a proven track record and carry the necessary industry certification. Trust Hyperdesmo for all your waterproofing requirements.

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