Educating the client beyond aesthetics

by Ofentse Sefolo
Educating the client beyond aesthetics

Flooring specialists know that a legacy cannot be achieved with incorrect specifications or shortcuts. Too often clients report flooring installations that do not last beyond a year and some as short as six months!

Investing in the right flooring starts with ensuring that the right product is specified from the onset and this is where flooring professionals need to step up and help their clients make the right choice for their individual needs.

The value of professional advice
Often, the primary consideration of the client is appearance, but this will only work if all the other boxes are ticked. A floor covering that is not fit for its intended purpose, nor adequately maintained will not be durable nor look good for long.

Once the correct flooring choice has been made, it is important to educate the client about the following additional factors, which are all important considerations for ensuring durable flooring.

• Slight protrusions or unevenness in the substrate will result in accelerated wear and tear. This underlines the importance of preparing the substrate prior to installation using self-levelling compounds such as iTe’s LEVELiTe.

• A moisture barrier like VAPORiTE+Plus is also essential where moisture levels in the screed exceed the tolerance of the chosen flooring. Without this barrier, adhesive failure and premature failing of the floor will likely follow in short order.

• Factors such as bond strength, glue line hardness or softness, curing windows and application criteria are other essentials to ensuring the correct flooring installation.

Regular care and cleaning are perhaps the two most important factors in ensuring that a floor retains its looks for life.

In conclusion, flooring for each site must be fit for purpose and must meet the client’s specific requirements in respect of durability, performance and ease of maintenance.

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