Editorial Excellence

by Tania Wannenburg
Editorial Excellence


Exploring the unique attributes that women bring to the flooring industry from an editorial perspective.

Behind every reputable magazine lies an influential Editor who ensures the end product is filled with flawless and informative content that not only educates, but also inspires its readers. Even though FLOORS in Africa magazine is no different in this regard, due to the inspiring role fulfilled by Roxanne Mancini as Editor, this magazine is by no means a follower but a prominent leader in terms of content and quality.

Roxanne has a vast array of responsibilities that not only includes those of Editor, but also of Business Manager responsible for the complete functioning of FLOORS in Africa and the Great Flooring Guide. On top of that, she is accountable for her products’ editorial management, sales and marketing direction, design and layout monitoring and the overall coordination of production, as well as HR management of the people that fall under her.

“What makes the flooring industry so unique is the people,” highlights Roxanne. “The flooring industry is often described as being one big family, comprising good people with a passion for flooring. Women need to take on the roles that they were built for; industry roles that require servanthood, compassion and direction. Women can be a phenomenal support to internal and external stakeholders in the business, acting as a sounding board and being able to consult intuitively, especially when it comes to staff, clients and the design/aesthetic side of the business.”

Having spent several years in the flooring industry and growing significantly, both as a leader and an individual, Roxanne confidently advises women in business to be versatile in order to make a success in business. “Women need to take the time to invest in themselves and go after what they want,” she concludes on a high note. “Effective time management is the single most important skill to possess when seeking success. Lastly, women should seek a mentor within an organisation – someone who will take the individual under his or her wing and teach her everything she needs to know to thrive in the flooring industry and become a successful woman.”

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