Eco-friendly rubber paving and flooring

by Madelein
Eco-friendly rubber paving and flooring

Van Dyck Floors is passionate about sustainable living and protecting the environment. It is for this reason that the company offers a wide range of eco-friendly rubber paving and flooring that is 100% recyclable. The products have been designed to be practical, safe, stylish and long lasting, and are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Why recycle tyres?
Although still relatively new to South Africa, rubber paving and flooring has been tried and tested in the Canadian and North American market for over two decades and has an outstanding track record for quality and durability. While products manufactured from waste tyres offer many advantages and features, a major benefit is their contribution to landfill reduction. Because waste tyres degrade extremely slowly in landfills, they have a long term negative impact on the environment. In addition, water trapped in the tyres becomes a breeding ground for mosquitos. Recycling waste tyres removes them from landfills and other dumping sites, contributing to a greener way of life.

Rubber paving and flooring from Van Dyck Floors includes:
• Pavers for pedestrian walkways and driveways
• Tiles for gyms, workshops, patio areas, etc.
• Inter-linking I-Mat and Honeycomb for driveways, playgrounds, around shopping centres, hospitals, etc.
• Flexi-Grid for embankment rehabilitation, dairy and equine stands as well as some mining applications
• Ballistic Blocks for shooting ranges.

Rubber products have several unique practical advantages, such as being durable and cost-effective. Being made from recycled rubber tyres makes the products extremely tough as they can be bent and handled without cracking or breaking. They can also be installed on an uneven surface. Contractors generally allow for up to 5% breakage during transport and installation of concrete pavers, but this won’t be a problem with Van Dyck Floors’ rubber products.

The products aren’t permeable and do not allow contaminants or oil to be absorbed. Any product spilled can be easily wiped off or hosed down leaving no permanent staining. Rubber flooring is also very safe as it has been extensively tested and used in Canada and North America.

The installation process is also improved because products can easily be cut with a utility or carpet knife, resulting in no noise pollution from grinders. This also results in very little dust pollution compared to conventional installations.

For more information, contact Van Dyck Floors on +27 (31) 913 3800 or via www.vandyckfloors.co.za.

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