Eco-friendly insulation selected for major refurb

by Tania Wannenburg
Eco friendly insulation selected

The upgraded Menlyn Park Shopping Centre will feature approximately 61 000m² of Rigifoam’s Lambdaboard® insulation once completed.

Rigifoam’s Lambdaboard® insulation was specified for the entire refurbishment and expansion of the Menlyn Park Shopping Centre in Pretoria. Once completed, the landmark shopping centre will comprise approximately 61 000m² of Lambdaboard® insulation boards.

During Phase 1, the roofing contractor, Chartwell Roofing, installed 8 000m² of 80mm WM/MN Lambdaboard® ceiling insulation boards for the roof section, while Storm Waterproofing insulated flat concrete roof sections, bringing the total surface area for the first phase to 24 000m². Phase 2 will see another 37 000m² of the 80mm Lambdaboard® being installed in various facings.

Co-owners, Old Mutual Life Assurance Limited and Pareto Limited, have embarked on the expansion and upgrade to develop Menlyn Park Shopping Centre into a spectacular world-class mall. The project is designed by BILD Architects according to the Green Building Council of South Africa’s Green Star SA specification, with lighting and energy efficiency being important considerations.

Insulation fit for Green Star
Duncan Goldsmith, managing director of Rigifoam, notes that in looking for innovative green building solutions, the architect opted for Lambdaboard® because of its eco-friendly qualities.

“Lambdaboard® contains no ozone-depleting substances and does not contribute to Global Warming – it is HCFC (ODP) – and HFC (GWP)-free,” he says. “Where visible, its vibrant white colour seamlessly fits into the bright design and helps to make the most of the interior lighting to create a light, vibrant shopping environment.

“Importantly, it is the most sustainable and thermally efficient insulation available on the market with the highest R-value per 25mm thickness, and due to its superior fire performance and excellent dimensional stability, it is the only combustible insulation approved by the Automatic Sprinkler Inspection Bureau to be used above sprinklers,” Goldsmith adds.

Versatile building applications
Manufactured locally, Lambdaboard® is a polyisocyanurate (PIR) insulation board made on a continuous laminator. It is a versatile building insulator and can be installed as ceilings, over purlin, under soffit or under screed. It is also applied as vertical cladding or to insulate cavity walls, curtain walls and ducting.

Different facings are available for the various applications. A white matt mineral fibre-glass facing is normally used for exposed applications such as ceilings. A Kraft paper finish is practical for cavity wall and under-screed installations, while for waterproofing and torch applications, bitumised Kraft is used. ECOLAM lamination is fit for the HVAC industry.

A lasting solution
“On account of its long service life, the Lambdaboard® installation in Menlyn Park will look good and perform efficiently for many years to come,” states Goldsmith.

Murray & Roberts Construction commenced work at the Menlyn Park Shopping Centre in April 2014 and is following a phased approach to minimise disruption. With Phase 2 currently underway, the project is expected to be completed by the end of 2016.

Tel: 011 421 0313
Website: www.rigifoam.com or www.lambdaboard.co.za

Proven performance:
•    Fire rating: SANS 428, B/B1/B2/H&V – with and without sprinklers.
•    Toxicity: Can be used in confined areas as tested in accordance to NES 713.
•    Composition: Thermoset material.
–    Doesn’t soften or melt at extreme temperatures.
–    Resistant to solvents used in construction adhesives.

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