Eco-conscious wood oils

Rubio Monocoat believes that sustainable materials are not limited to the impact they have on the environment – it also includes the use of renewable raw materials, the right production process, safety for both the user and the environment, and a long lifespan.  


The company’s oils are based on linseed, also known as flaxseed. Flax is a sustainable raw material, as the plant can be regenerated in a relatively short time and in considerable quantities.  

Going beyond the selection of its raw materials, Rubio Monocoat is constantly optimising its production processes – paying attention to the impact of products on both the user and the environment, compliance with regulations on waste management, pollution and energy supply.  

Its eco-conscious story shows how ecological its products really are, from durable raw material to recycled packaging. 

Eco-conscious wood oils

Carbon neutral 

As part of its eco-conscious journey, the company wants to go completely carbon neutral, and has started this very complex process with the help of an external partner, Vinçotte.  

Aiming for CO neutrality, there are three phases: 

  1. Measuring phase: Drawing up a profile of the efforts so far and the areas to improve.
  2. Action phase: Improving where possible with the means and resources available.
  3. Compensation phase: Compensating everything that causes emissions and cannot be improved.

The measuring phase was completed by mid-2022. Armed with the knowledge of what its ecological footprint is, Rubio Monocoat is now focussed on the action phase.  

New generation 

One of the new-generation products is Oil Plus 2C, an eco-friendly and 0% VOC hardwax oil. Thanks to its revolutionary binding, the product protects and colours wood in a single layer, for low consumption and long-lasting protection.  

Solution: Rubio Monocoat has embarked on an eco-conscious journey towards carbon neutrality. The complex process has fuelled the development of new-generation products.

Eco-conscious wood oils

For more information, contact Rubio Monocoat: 

Tel: +27 86 11 RUBIO (78246) 





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