EC1 certification in vinyl adhesives

In the ever-evolving world of flooring, staying at the forefront of innovation and sustainability is crucial.  

Wakol products not only redefine industry standards but also contribute to a greener future, aligning with EMICODE EC1 environmental standards.  

Moisture control 

The Wakol PU 280 moisture barrier stands out as a game-changer in the industry. Boasting the unique ability to cure in just one hour, it enhances efficiency and reduces project timelines – ensuring a quick turnaround without compromising quality. 

Priming solution 

Ensuring a flawless surface, the D 3045 special primer plays a pivotal role in flooring systems. Its application on PU 280 ensures a strong foundation, promoting durability and longevity. 

Vinyl adhesives 

Wakol D 3307 

A dispersion adhesive according to DIN EN 14259, suitable for laying the following flooring on properly prepared absorbent subfloors, indoors: 

  • Homogeneous and heterogeneous PVC strips and tiles. 
  • Luxury vinyl tile (LVT). 
  • Cushioned vinyl (CV). 
  • Textile flooring with fleece, textile double-backing, jute and latex-foam backing. 
  • Woven flooring. 
Wakol D 3320 

This adhesive offers a dual functionality as both a wet-set and pressure-sensitive adhesive. This flexibility caters for different installation methods, providing convenience without compromising on performance.  

Wakol MS 552 

Specially formulated for cladding applications. Ideal for use in bathrooms and adept at bonding rubber and vinyl sheeting, this adhesive ensures a secure and lasting installation.  


Wakol adhesives D 3307, D 3320 and MS 552 proudly carry EC1 certification. These flooring solutions not only prioritise efficiency and performance, but also champion sustainability. Begin projects with confidence, with an investment in quality that also contributes to a greener tomorrow. 

Issue: Sustainable flooring solutions. 

Solution: WAKOL adhesive products are EC1 certified.  

For more information, contact Zimbo’s Flooring Solutions: 

Tel: +27 21 511 4693 



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