Easy concrete floor finishing

by Ofentse Sefolo
Easy concrete floor finishing

Achieving the ultimate finish for a timeless and durable concrete floor has been made that much easier with CHRYSO® FiniSafe concrete flooring solution. Whether trowelling or floating, creating a smooth and consistent finish for your concrete floor, in either decorative or industrial settings, has never been simpler or quicker. CHRYSO FiniSafe is a vital element in the finishing of concrete surfaces, saving you money while still producing great quality finishes.

Floor finishability
Before finishing of the flooring commences, CHRYSO FiniSafe is sprayed onto the concrete surface to improve the finishability. This concrete aid allows for machine optimisation and a reduction of up to 40% in wear and tear. It allows the mechanical trowel to glide across the surface more efficiently, making it easier for an operator to finish the surface faster, whether floating mechanically or manually.

Safety in application
CHRYSO FiniSafe is safe for application on all types of concrete surfaces that require trowelling or spreading and does not affect the colour or the appearance of the concrete. It may be used with confidence on all decorative concrete surfaces, including standard concrete, industrial flooring and a variety of precast products. It has no odour and contains no harmful volatile organic compounds.

Smooth and waterless
When using CHRYSO FiniSafe, no water is added during the floating or trowelling process, minimising the potential for unsightly efflorescence where salt migrates to the surface. Other surface treatments may then also be applied without any additional preparation of the floated surface. CHRYSO FiniSafe creates a smoother finish with a better increase in surface density.

This densification, coupled with ease of application and quality, has become the industry standard for discerning clients and designers when specifying concrete floors.

CHRYSO Southern Africa’s sales and technical teams are on hand to help discuss how and where CHRYSO FiniSafe can save you both time and money while achieving good quality surface finishes.

For more information, please contact CHRYSO:
Website: www.za.chryso.com
LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/company/chryso-southern-africa

*CHRYSO is a registered trademark

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