New production plan in East Africa enables company to supply admixtures that facilitate the production of stronger concrete.

To better meet the increasing demand for construction chemicals of customers in East Africa, BASF recently opened its new production plant for concrete admixtures in Nairobi. This production site enables BASF to produce standard and custom-made performance admixtures from the MasterRheobuild and the MasterGlenium product line.

“We are now able to rapidly supply our customers with admixtures for all cement and aggregate types, whether their construction projects are located in the urban areas of East Africa or in more remote sites,” said Dick Purchase, Head of BASF’s Regional Business Unit Construction Chemicals Middle East, West Asia, CIS and Africa. BASF’s admixtures enable the production of concrete with higher strength capacities and increased workability retention. This is of special importance in urban areas such as Nairobi/Kenya or Kampala/Uganda where transportation of concrete to the construction site may take longer due to high traffic.

“Growth in emerging markets is an integral component of BASF’s ‘We create chemistry’ strategy,” states Laurent Tainturier, Senior Vice President for the CIS, Middle East and Africa regions at BASF. “In line with this, BASF’s Africa strategy aims to double sales on the continent by the year 2020. The new production facility will strengthen the product portfolio in the region, and will meet the demands for multi-storey buildings, long-lasting infrastructural constructions and more energy efficiency in construction techniques.”

The new production site in Nairobi is an additional step aimed at strengthening the global network of the Master Builders Solutions brand. The solutions offered by the brand will also strongly benefit contractors from other regions doing construction projects in East Africa, as they may already know the product portfolio and technologies.

At the opening ceremony, Kenya’s Cabinet Secretary of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Ambassador Amina Mohamed, highlighted that BASF will not only be able to further contribute to the building of sustainable structures in East Africa, but will also bring employment opportunities and expertise to the region’s construction sector.

The production plant has good access to the road network and the Mombasa Port to receive raw materials, deliver to customers in Nairobi and the rest of Kenya as well as to export to neighbouring countries such as South Sudan, Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania.  BASF has been actively selling construction chemicals to the East African market for more than 25 years. The other BASF manufacturing sites in Africa are located in South Africa, Egypt, Morocco and Algeria.