Easier product selection

by Zuerita
Easier product selection

Weber-Tylon has introduced new customer-friendly packaging which is attractive, informative and at the same time straight to the point.
“As expressed by our new brand signature, ‘We Care’, at Weber we believe what matters most in the construction industry, is to care about people and their environments,” says Jeanne de Power from Weber Saint-Gobain.

“Our brand signature is for those who design, produce, build and live in the buildings made using our products. It is about caring for the safety and benefit of all – making lives easier, more convenient and comfortable.

“It is also about caring about people, listening to what matters to them and taking into account their needs – responding to the multiplicity of challenges in today’s world and adapting to the diversity of the lives that populate it. It is caring about today, but also taking care of the future. We are taking responsibility to lead the change and build a tomorrow that is in harmony with its environment.

“Since our packaging is a key touch point for communication of the product benefits, we have decided to refine our core message to make the selection process easier for our customers, thereby ensuring that the right product is used for the right application.”

All of the product names, barcode detail and pack sizes remain unchanged, and the product inside is still renowned for its consistent quality.

The product purpose is now clearly defined on the front of the bag or container for ease of selection.

The new Weber packaging is also compliant with the new Global Health Standards and features the latest, updated hazard symbols.

Weber Saint-Gobain
Tel: 08600 WEBER (93237)
Website: www.weber-tylon.co.za

Caption: Weber’s bond-it liquid additive for tile adhesives and grouts, suitable for waterproofing.

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