Dustless cementitious product offers many benefits to warehouse upgrade

by Madelein
Dustless cementitious product offers many benefits to warehouse upgrade

A new a.b.e. Construction Chemicals’ self-smoothing, dustless overlay for levelling floors formed part of an extensive range of a.b.e. products specified for the refurbishment of the floors of a relatively new warehouse in Malawi. a.b.e. is part of the Chryso Southern Africa Group.

When Plem Construction, one of Malawi’s leading civil engineering contractors – and long-standing client of a.b.e. – was appointed by Central Medical Stores Trust (CMST) to renovate and upgrade the floors of a new 4 000 square metre warehouse, the contractors turned to a.b.e. for a suitable, cost-effective solution to the problem.

“On inspection it was found that the new warehouse floor surface was unsuitable for the upgraded high-rise racking and storage system that was to be installed. The floor surface, including the floor joints, needed to be renovated to provide a smooth, clean, non-dusting, hardwearing, working platform that would allow for the new automated equipment to function correctly,” said Trevor Enerson, a.b.e.’s Project Development Manager: Exports.

In consultation with the contractor and client, a.b.e. recommended the use of a new a.b.e. product, abescreed dura.Top as the main part of the remedial flooring system.

“As the unexpected early floor refurbishment called for urgent and fast remedial measures, abescreed dura.Top offered several vital advantages. It is a single-component product that provides a self-smoothing floor overlay between 6mm and 30mm thick. abescreed dura.Top allows for pedestrian traffic within 24 hours of application and ensures a unique durable and hardwearing industrial floor surface,” Enerson stated.

abescreed dura.Top is one of a.b.e.’s growing number of dustless cementitious products which, in this case, reduced health risks and area contamination in a warehouse stocking medical supplies.

For more information contact a.b.e. Construction Chemicals on +27 (11) 306 9000 or via www.abe.co.za.

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