Durable waterproofing for UP Sports Dome

by Darren
Durable waterproofing for up

The Sports Centre Dome at the University of Pretoria has been waterproofed with BASF’s Masterpren TGE-F.

Inadequate roofing affects the functionality of the entire building structure and roof leakages are often the most commonly claimed-for damage in buildings. A durable roof waterproofing system which resists temperature changes and environmental aggressions is therefore a vital part of the building envelope.

The Sports Centre Dome at the University of Pretoria has been waterproofed with BASF’s Masterpren TGE-F. A mammoth project, it required both great skills from the applicators and exceptional quality products from BASF Construction Chemicals. This uniquely dome-shaped building required
4 500m² of waterproofing, and the nature of the building qualified BASF to offer a product warranty of 15 years.

BASF’s Masterpren TGE-F is a synthetic liner of TPO-modified polyolefin. By inserting 50g/m² glass fibre and 200g/m² polyester fleece backing, a sand-grey colour is obtained by co-extrusion with different physical-chemical properties on the two sides.

Advantages of MASTERPREN TGE-F:
•    Superior mechanical characteristics.
•    Extremely high resistance to weathering and ultraviolet rays.
•    High mechanical properties and resistance to puncturing.
•    Resistance to root penetration.
•    Resistance to wind stress.
•    Non-toxic.
•    High environmental capability.
•    Product tolerates pressure testing of joints if it is double-welded.
•    Offers clear time and cost saving.
•    Reduces the costs for disposal of old membranes.

BASF received positive feedback from the client, the University of Pretoria, as well as the consulting engineers, W Louw & Associates, with regards to both the quality of the product and the application.

The MasterSeal range by Master Builders Solutions from BASF includes solutions for loose laid membranes, expansion joint systems, joint sealants and liquid membranes.

Master Builders Solutions’ experts combine their global and local expertise to meet market needs, and they recommend reliable and approved professional applicators. This ensures the successful completion of jobs. To meet high performance requirements, BASF products are designed and certified for the specific intended use.

Master Builders Solutions’ portfolio encompasses concrete admixtures, chemical solutions for underground construction, waterproofing and sealants, concrete repair and protection, performance grouts and performance flooring.

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