Durable waterproofing for Mall of Africa

by Tania Wannenburg
Durable waterproofing for mall of africa DERBIT

Vast areas of pedestrian walkway as well as roof planters on the Mall of Africa are waterproofed with two types of DERBIT® SA multifunctional membranes.

Two types of DERBIT® SA multifunctional membranes were selected for waterproofing on the Mall of Africa. DERBIT® SP FR4 and DERBIT® AR4 (Anti Root) were specified by MDS Architects due to these products’ known abilities and good track-record.

Both products are composed of a blend made of specific bitumen modified by noble polymers (high-grade APP), which is reinforced by a fibreglass mat that ensures perfect dimensional stability as well as a spun-bond, non-woven polyester component that provides resistance to impact and tearing. Anti-root chemicals are added to the blend to make DERBIT® AR4 resistant to roots and an ideal waterproofing solution for roof planters..

Double the protection
Appointed as waterproofing contractor, Quake Seal installed a double layer of DERBIT® waterproofing membrane, amounting to 30 000m², across the Town Square and entire northern piazza area, underneath the water features and all the landscaped roof portions. This installation forms the protection barrier to the mall and retail outlets below from any leaking and water damage.

The waterproofing carries a gold ten-year full product warranty, without any maintenance required.

“We have worked with DERBIT® membranes for about a year and a half,” comments Craig Langmore, director of Quake Seal, “and in our experience the product is very durable, easy to work with, sustainable and backed by a large international company.”

Langmore highlights that the extreme durability of the DERBIT® membranes especially benefitted this huge project that saw many people working on site, resulting in a lot of traffic. “Site conditions are not always great, so the fact that these waterproofing membranes are tough and trafficable – even trucks can drive on it – makes it much easier,” he states.

To keep up with the construction programme, short time frames and to meet all the requirements for design and supply, Quake Seal had to be creative with their planning. Not only did they have a dedicated team of 15 artisans and two supervisors permanently on site for the last four months, working longer hours than normal, but they also made an effort to schedule their deliveries at odd times to avoid traffic around the mall.

DERBIT® performed regular site inspections and assisted MDS Architects and Quake Seal with detailed drawings where plans have changed.

Tel: 0860 DERBIT
Website: www.derbit.co.za

Benefits of DERBIT® membranes:
–    Highly durable – proven to last more than 30 years.
–    Can handle both jobsite traffic and thermal shock.
–    Dimensional stability.
–    Long-term solution.
–    Fire-retardant (Broof t2).
–    UV- and heat-resistant.
–    100% recyclable.
–    Gold ten-year full product warranty.
–    High-grade APP polymers.
–    Anti-root option for planted roofs.

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