flooring for healthcare

Healthcare facilities need a durable, hygienic floor covering that is easy to clean, like SIGGMA PVC flooring from Amari Trading.  

It is well suited for hospitals and clinics, and is also a popular choice for offices, air-conditioned factories and pharma units, shops and showrooms, as well as auditoriums and libraries. 

Healthcare benefits 

The surface of SIGGMA PVC flooring is treated with polyurethane (PUR) that provides above-average resistance to scratches, scuffmarks, stains and dirt accumulation to ensure easy cleaning and mopping. The flooring joints can be made seamless through thermal welding, using the recommended welding cords and equipment. This ensures that dirt and bacteria can’t accumulate or grow. 

The product also offers advanced antibacterial and fungicidal as well as anti-static properties. Its heavy-duty “T” rating is suitable for heavy-traffic areas and the movement of wheelchairs, wheeled stretchers and portable diagnostic equipment. 

Beyond hygiene 

The flooring is homogeneous, with random marbled patterns in pleasing pastel tones. It is also hardwearing, with a smooth top finish for easy cleaning. Delivering peace of mind, the product meets fire and smoke requirements as per EN standards and is approved by ARAI, India. 


For more information, contact Amari Trading: 

Tel: +27 11 314 3237 

Tel: +27 60 502 1121 

Email: info-amari@amaritrading.co.za 

Website: www.amaritrading.co.za 

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