Dry-shake floor hardener increase in popularity

by Madelein
Dry-shake floor hardener increase in popularity

A hardened floor has been proven to extend the life of the concrete within commercial and industrial spaces such as warehouses. With interior design trends continuing to favour the industrial look, an increasing number of architects are on the lookout for eco friendly flooring solutions.

Samson Technologies’ coloured dry-shake floor hardener with the addition of microcrystalline technology and polymers achieve moisture barrier surface while simultaneously advancing the strength to over 70 MPa, thereby reducing penetration of destructive elements. MBFT Dry-shake is triple blend of selected binders for density and greater protection of concrete floors.

The advantage of using a dry shake floor hardener is to achieve a dustless floor that is easy to clean. Light reflective colours ensure less energy spent on warehouse lighting and moisture barriers to slow the ingress of water from any ground water and increasing the storage life of stock items.

Samson Technologies’ product innovations in dry-shake technology has led to an increased demand in their products worldwide. Samson Technologies supplies IKEA furniture outlets within the Asia Pacific region, bringing the concept of floor hardeners into warehouses and homes worldwide.

For more information, contact Samson on Tel: +27 (11) 462 2666 or via www.samson.co.za.

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