Main image: Modern living room design project with Gravity Chaise Longue by Cobermaster Concept

In times of uncertainty, people tend to turn to comfort, such as the latest trend, to draw inspiration from surrealist art forms in home decor.

Surrealism and escapism

The trends lean towards being bold, brave and creative, and push the boundaries, with many surprising elements being incorporated to restore normality.

According to Ken Fulk, who was unveiling The Surreal World fabric collection for Pierre Frey, surrealism lends itself to merge the absurd with reality, delivering an unexpected dose of optimism.

The movement influenced new floor coverings such as a textile range by Australia’s Tsar Carpets, designed to offer “otherworldly escapism”.

The Chromatic collection features six carpets, with a variety of patterns mimicking the fluid lines of flowing water and dancing flames to the floating ribbons of the northern lights. Andrew Cenita, a New York-based designer, said his objective was to create a visually intriguing collection that elicits a sense of elation and happiness, offering an aspirational escape from the current state of the world.

The avant-garde movement peaking again

Surrealism is part of the artistic avant-garde movement from Paris in the early 20th century and was in the background ever since, peaking again when its presence was required. In the interior space, it creates playful opportunistic designs, colours and textures.

Sculptural textiles include many techniques such as glitching, pixelating, warping and unravelling infused into traditional oriental rugs.

Creative traditional weaved rugs

Odabashian, one of the oldest rug companies in America, is known for creative collaborations and the mixing of traditional weaving techniques with bold and innovative designs to create modern geometric rugs, capable of optical illusions reminiscent of surrealist and cubist artworks.

The idea is to shock, create a style, a mood, cosiness and warmth and make a statement.

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