Dramatic wall finish for luxurious lodge

by Tania Wannenburg
Dramatic wall finish for luxurious lodge CEMCRETE

Belmond Eagle Island Lodge’s new look features luxurious Cemcrete SatinCrete walls in the colour Graphite.

Belmond Eagle Island Lodge has recently reopened with a new look and feel that is in keeping with the venue’s ambition to provide Africa’s ultimate water-focused safari.

The changes add innovation and originality to the Okavango experience, allowing guests to discover a unique and dramatic ecosystem in total luxury. Fresh new tented guest accommodation, dining areas and lounges reflect the region’s natural beauty and the adventures of early explorers.

Cemcrete’s trowel-on interior coating, SatinCrete, was used to finish all the walls for the newly renovated lodge.

SatinCrete creates a truly elegant cement coating as it cures to a suede-like finish, adding a natural element to any interior. Its seamless application makes this waterproof product ideal for bathrooms and even inside showers due to its smooth nature. It is a versatile coating that can be applied to counter tops and built-in units too.  

Intense colour choice
There are 13 colours in the SatinCrete range, including cool greys and whites to warm beiges and bold greens. For the Belmond Eagle Island Lodge the newest and darkest addition to the colour range, Graphite, was used to make a bold statement.

To protect the natural cement-based SatinCrete walls from the harsh African climatic conditions, all walls were sealed with Cemcrete’s Colour Hardener sealer. The sealer protects the porous cement coating from staining and enhances the natural mottling and variation in colour.

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