Dramatic improvement in company’s ranking

by Tania Wannenburg
Sika ranking Jnl 1 15

Assessment carried out on company dramatically improves its ranking in terms of revenue, placing it firmly in the spotlight as a top international organisation.

In a ranking measuring growth in sales revenues among the top 100 Swiss companies since 1975, Sika has moved up from 77th to 45th position and has thus enjoyed one of the best improvements in the ranking. The assessment was conducted recently by Handelszeitung, a leading Swiss business weekly.

The assessment was conducted recently by Handelszeitung, a prominent Swiss business weekly newspaper. Gaining more than 30 places in the ranking, Sika can now be described as one of the top 50 companies in terms of turnover. Only 29 of the companies originally assessed with Sika remained in the top 100, and just four of those improved their ranking. The rest either merged, stopped trading, dropped out of the ranking or are new on the list.

“The developments over the last few decades prove Sika’s strong corporate culture that is based on values that it has held since its formation more than a hundred years ago,” highlights Jan Jenisch, CEO of Sika. “Since those early days, continuous innovation and expansion into new markets and new business lines have been the key drivers of this successful growth strategy.”

In 2013 alone, the company filed 73 new patents and is now one of the top ten Swiss-based companies in terms of innovation capacity. Their product portfolio comprises roughly 800 brands to meet the needs of their customers around the globe.

Today, Sika has a primary position in the development and production of systems and products for bonding, sealing, damping, reinforcing and protecting in the building sector. The company has subsidiaries in 84 countries around the world with manufactures in over 160 factories.

Sika’s more than 16 000 employees generate annual sales of CHF 5.14 billion, further demonstrating how it came to be recognised by this assessment as one of the top Swiss companies in terms of revenue.

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