Drainage systems that take the worry out of bad weather

by Darren
Drainage systems that take

Viega’s Advantix range of drainage systems is designed to deal with large amounts of water collecting on balconies, terraces and flat roofs.

Balconies and terraces are areas where rainwater collects and if not drained effectively, moisture can penetrate into the surface and damage the construction or even the living spaces below.

Viega’s Advantix drainage systems have been developed to deal with large amounts of precipitation and have norm-conforming and highly resilient grates. Irrespective of whether the balcony or terrace is tiled, has a gravel bed or support legs, Viega has appropriate drainage technology to fit the bill.

The Advantix range of drainage solutions includes systems suitable for balconies, terraces, as well as unused flat roofs. They have an overhead gravel and foliage catcher, and it is possible to retrofit the drains with an odour trap without water seal. If required, it is even possible to add a second sealant level.

Surfaces with second drainage level
On terraces and balconies with a second drainage level, the inlet element takes the water below the floor with a drainage capacity of 2,5l/s. Combinations with different add-on elements and attachments are possible.

Unused flat roofs and terraces
For flat roofs and terraces that are not used or tread upon, the solution with gravel and foliage catcher is available in nominal widths of DN 50, 70 and 100, with a maximum drainage capacity of 4,5l/s.

Quick installation
The Advantix Insert Drain makes for a quick and odour-proof installation since the drain is able to be pushed into an existing pipe end, thanks to its multiple lip seal. The version of the insert drain with a frost-proof odour trap is suitable for unsealed floor constructions in terraces and outside areas. The maximum drainage capacity is 0,7l/s.

Rainwater drain
When pipes carrying rainwater end in front of roof windows, the Advantix Rainwater Drain is the best fit, offering an ideal solution. Equipped with both an odour trap and foliage trap, it has a maximum drainage capacity of 6l/s. It is available in DN 100 and is fitted between the downpipe and the gutter.

Drainage technology is one of the areas where Viega has set standards over many years and its Advantix range of drains provides building owners with a good outlook, even in bad weather.

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