Drainage solved at underground basement

by Darren
Drainage solved at underground basement KAYTECH

Kaytech’s Flo-Drain, a ready-made drainage solution, was installed in the exterior of an underground basement to lower the water table and protect the waterproofing.

In planning the construction of an underground basement at the new branch of Exotic Wheel & Tyre in Booysens, Johannesburg South, MDCC Consulting Engineers specified that a fully adhesive waterproofing system was essential for the drainage of the subterranean basement.

Kaytech’s Winnie van der Merwe recommended Kaytech’s Flo-Drain, a ready-made drainage solution, as it would protect the fitment centre’s waterproofing from any damaging protrusions in the backfill, as well as significantly lower the surrounding water table.

The system make-up
This high-performance drainage system consists of a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) Flownet mesh core enclosed in a filter jacket of Kaytech’s bidim, a continuous filament, nonwoven, needle-punched geotextile manufactured from 100% recycled polyester. The needle-punching process provides a number of advantages such as appreciable thickness, high porosity and a high drainage capacity. For this project, drainage grade A2 bidim was specified.

Lightweight, flexible system
Compared to the costs and practical considerations of installing a conventional aggregate drain, the lightweight, flexible Flo-Drain system provides numerous advantages, including ease and speed of installation, as well as quality assurance.

At the base of the vertically installed Flo-Drain fin, separately supplied Kaytech Geopipe M100 was inserted. With 70% of its surface area being perforated, Geopipe provides unsurpassed infiltration capacity. Since it is unbreakable, lightweight and flexible, Geopipe is simple to transport and install and can tolerate extremely high stresses equivalent to 160m of overburden before buckling or deformation occurs. Even in very low temperatures, Geopipe will never become brittle.

On completion of the project, Edilcon Construction had installed 1 150m of Flo-Drain and Geopipe in the exterior of the basement.

A simple solution
The combination of Kaytech’s Flo-Drain and Geopipe provides engineers with a simple yet effective solution for all drainage problems, and is a contractor’s dream since it saves time and requires no skilled labour for installation.

Flo-Drain can be used successfully in a wide range of applications including drainage of sports fields, roadside and rail-track edges, courtyards, retaining walls and agricultural lands.

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Caption: The Exotic Wheel & Tyre basement below ground level required drainage and protection for waterproofing.

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