Domotex to highlight co-creation at 2018 event

by Madelein
Domotex to highlight co-creation at 2018 event

Co-creation and design continue to gain momentum as consumers seek increasingly personalised and individualised ways to express their uniqueness. Now more than ever, customers aspire to be more involved in the creation and design processes and this journey is adding an extra level of self-expression to final products.

In recognition of this trend, the organisers of Domotex have chosen “UNIQUE YOUNIVERSE” as a keynote theme for next year’s showcase. A display area in Hall 9 will be dedicated to this theme and the area will comprise four distinct zones where companies can showcase their creative projects that reflect the co-creation process. Besides a zone dedicated to flooring products, there will also be zones for young designers, one for interactive multimedia displays and one where exhibitors will team up with partners from the interior design sector to craft inspiring spaces and innovative lifestyle realms.

Digitalisation increases consumers’ ability to design their own personalised items with a few clicks of a mouse. The emotional journey that takes place is seen as a key part of the co-creation because the emotional buy-in is what gives individualised products their unique value. A new buzzword in the industry is ‘prosumer’ – changing the word from ‘consumer’ to ‘prosumer’ to highlight the fact that the target audience should now be seen as a producer and a consumer.

Many luxury consumers are paying a lot of money for small-series hand-crafted creations as opposed to mass-produced goods, which has led to many companies creating once-off designs and products. These brands include Austrian upholstered furniture maker Wittmann, which gives customers the option of being present while their furniture is being made. Italian supercar Lamborghini has seen a sharp increase in its personalised car business with half of all its luxury cars sold in 2016 having custom finishes.

In the past, personalised products were seen as quaint and gimmicky, but with the digital transformation of production in full swing, an increasing number of manufacturers are seeking greater customer involvement. In the future we may see completely new genres of products that are radically different to those we have grown accustomed to.

Full thanks and acknowledgement are given to www.domotex.de for the information contained in this article.

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