At the preview press conference for Domotex 2024, Holly Becker, interior designer and trend expert, identified her three trends for today and into 2024. As the designer of the Mood Spaces and Trends Exhibit at Domotex, Becker emphasises how sustainability is moving away from being classified as a trend and should rather be built into businesses, a sentiment that sits comfortably with the Domotex keynote theme, “Floored by nature”. 

In her presentation, titled “Interiors Today”, Becker describes her trends as Hyperlocal, Awakening and The Collector. 



Awakening showcases handmade items driven by heritage design. Image: LYK Carpets, Berlin

This trend is focussed on unique designed products and ideas that are locally sourced from the surrounding area. Becker said that this hyperlocal focus drives the local economy and reduces the environmental impact through reduced transportation. She breaks the trend down further into two themes: 

  • Sustainable practices: Choosing materials and suppliers who use renewable resources, reduce waste and have eco-friendly production methods. 
  • Cultural relevance: Sourcing products that reflect the local culture, motifs, patterns and storytelling. The goal is community engagement with business, working together. 



The Collector focusses on the curated grouping of items, reflecting global influences in a layered and lived-in space filled with nostalgia. Image: Theo-Bert Pot

As more consumers awaken to sustainable materials, energy efficiency and reduced waste, this drives increased self-awareness and an awareness of the world around them. Features of this trend include mindful purchasing, a shift in consumption from replace to improve and an appreciation of handmade, vintage, antique and heritage items. 

This is represented by heritage design, which draws inspiration from cultural tradition, historical style and artisanal techniques. The goal is to show respect to the history and still push design forward.  

The Collector 

Presented as a curated and eclectic mix of objects presented in a space, which reflects an individual’s personal interests, travel and passion. It is a celebration of the stories behind the objects, reflecting global influences in a layered and lived-in space filled with nostalgia. 

The look is playful, curious and quirky. The collections are personal stories developed over time, not driven by trends or the search for perfection. Becker identifies the following steps for finding the collection: 

  • Objects chosen with passion. 
  • Curated groupings of items. 
  • Allowing breathing room with the use of negative space. 
  • Mix and match is the key. 

Visitors to the Domotex Mood Spaces Exhibit will see renowned international designers providing an insight into their designed room scenarios, which includes current living trends and inspiration.  

Sustainability moves from trend to standard business practice, embodied by three living trends: Hyperlocal, Awakening and The Collector.  

Domotex “Floored by nature”. 

11-14 January 2024 

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