DIY White Brick Vase

by Darren
diy whitebrick vase

This brick design is a quick way to add some new life into your clear vases.

Tutorial via sayyes.com:

Tutorial – How To Make A White Brick Vase

Very thin masking tape
White spray paint
Painters Tape (for the bottom)
Clear vase or jar

Step 1
With thin masking tape, wrap the vase in perpendicular even lines, about 1/2 inch apart.
Start to add small bits of tape to create the bricks, about 1 inch apart.

Step 2
Cover the bottom with a large piece of painters tape and spray paint white (or another color)

Step 3
Let dry and remove the tape.
Because it’s on glass, if there are spots that have leaked though, you can easily scrap them off with a knife

Step 4
Fill with your favorite flowers!

DIY white brick vase

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