DIY Removing Scratches on Leather

by Darren

If you have a leather chair, sofa, or ottoman with scratches from moving, pets, or kids, there is a way to minimize the scratches to make your leather look almost new again. 

Light scratches will practically disappear, but deeper scratches may have a faint mark that remains.  Follow the directions below to remove scratches on leather.

Contact the Furniture Manufacturer
Before trying any scratch removal process at home, contact your leather furniture manufacturer for their suggestions on how to remove scratches on leather.  They might send you a free scratch removal kit.  If you don’t know the furniture manufacturer or they are unwilling to help, proceed with the directions below.

Warm Water
Before trying any cleaners or oils, start by rubbing your leather scratch with simple warm water and a soft cloth.  Often the waxy leather finish will redistribute and cover the light scratch.

Items Needed
If the warm water trick didn’t work, you will need a soft cloth, some type of oil (olive oil, baseball glove conditioner, orange oil, old English oil, or cake shoe polish – not liquid shoe polish), and a paper towel or paper napkin.

Test a Small Area
In order to make sure the scratch removal process works on your leather, test a small spot in an inconspicuous place first before applying this technique to very visible portions of your leather furniture.

Oil the Leather
Apply the oil to the scratched area of your leather using a soft cloth and rub it into your leather.  You may need to let the oil soak in a few minutes before wiping it off with the soft cloth.

Remove Oil
Using a paper towel or paper napkin, wipe the portion of your leather that you oiled.  The paper should remove all excess oil.  Keep wiping until the paper towel is clean.

Leather Repair Kit
If your leather scratch is a deeper scratch or even a tear, use a leather repair kit to repair your leather.

Source: www.interiordesigninfo.com

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