DIY Photo Frames

by Darren

There’s no reason why you can’t showcase your photos in your home! Purchase a few thrifty frames and update them! Here’s how…

Visit your local thrift store for some frames.

You will need:
Photo frames (how many depends on you)
Medium and small paint brush.
Paint (any colour you prefer)
Clear Sealer/glaze


  1. The backs of the frames should be removed before you prime them. 
  2. The frames will need about 2 or 3 coats of paint – let it dry completely before painting on a new coat!
  3. After the frames are completely dry, seal each frame with a spray triple thick clear coat/glaze (available at most art&craft stores).
    The more you spray the thicker it gets like resin. Ideally, you just want to spray enough to seal it. 
    The best would be to do this final step in the least dusty area you can find because dust will stick to the spray.

Original post: edytaszyszlo.com

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