This such a fun way to decorate an old bucket or any kind of container really. We love the look of these pebbles and the white grout.

You’ll need:
strong (not flimsy!) metal can or bucket that holds its shape when moved
2 sheets 30 x 30cm river rock mesh tile
thin set mortar
grout (sanded or nonsanded)
putty knife
large sponge


  1. First apply a thick layer of thin set mortar then cut the mesh tile with a box cutter and layer the tile on the outside of the bucket.
  2. Turn the bucket upside down using the top rim as the base to hold the mesh tile to the bucket and allow the thin set mortar to dry.
    (If using individual pebbles or small river rocks – use an epoxy adhesive instead of thin set.)
  3. When the thin set is completely dry (usually the next day), mixe up some grout, add it with a putty knife over the mesh, then remove the excess with a sponge.