DIY Painting Faux Marble

by Tania Wannenburg

Don’t have the money to buy marble countertops? No problem! With a little DIY creativity you can get the marble look you want!

Tutorial via inmyownstyle.com:

Tutorial – How to Paint Faux Carrara Marble

Supplies needed:
– White primer – Kilz if painting over a previously finished surface, Gripping primer if painting over a painted surface.
– Eggshell or satin finish White paint
– 3 colors of grey craft paint – light, medium, and dark . I used Apple Barrel Light Grey, Martha Stewart Crafts Wet Cement, and Apple Barrel Dark Grey.   I also used white and black to produce a few more shades of grey to make the veins look varied in color.
– Smooth foam roller, and roller tray
– Feather, Sea sponge, Soft paint brush, paper towels
– Toothbrush
– Small mixing bowls
– Water in spray/misting bottle
– Medium and Fine grit sandpaper
– Tack cloth or damp rag
– Paste Wax and rags to apply and buff
*Optional:  a piece of actual marble to help visualize  the veining.  Scrap piece of wood to practice veining before moving on your actual piece of furniture.

To make the paint technique look as real – it is important to make sure the surface is as smooth as possible. Fill in any dents or holes with wood filler or Spackle. Sand smooth, then paint.   Sand in between each coat with fine or wet sand paper to level each coat of paint. Clean sanding grit before applying the next coat.


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